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Pectoral implants Tunisia : Male chest implants

Pectoral implants Tunisia offer a surgical solution for men who are concerned about the shape, size or definition of their torso and pectoral area. Some men may find it difficult to achieve their muscle goals with strength training alone or may have a birth deformity. Pectoral implants can improve the chest area creating a more symmetrical, defined and muscular appearance, we can combine the procedure with liposuction to optimize the results.

Pectoral implants Tunisia

Pectoral implants Tunisia, for whom?

You may want to consider opting for chest implants if you are unhappy with the appearance of your torso. These reasons can include asymmetry, lack of definition or size of muscles, or congenital disabilities such as Poland syndrome which causes concavity of the chest due to lack of muscle, usually occurring on one side.

The surgery

The surgical process begins with a thorough consultation during which the surgeon at Clinique El Yosr Internationale in Sousse, Tunisia, will discuss your medical history, the procedure and the method itself, as well as the results. that you hope to get.

The operation requires general anesthesia. The method of inserting and positioning the implant will depend on your preferences, anatomy, and your surgeon's recommendation.

Usually the incision is under the armpits. The surgeon will insert saline implants under the muscle and position them to look as natural as possible for optimal aesthetic effect.

The shape and size of the implants can vary on each side to improve the proportions and make the appearance of the breast more symmetrical.

Pectoral implants come in many shapes and sizes, and we customize them according to the patient's wishes. The material we use for implants is not likely to leak or tear. They are slightly firmer than breast implants to replicate muscle rather than tissue and fat.

The procedure takes approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on the extent of the surgery.

After the surgery

The recovery period varies but is generally around six weeks. During this time, avoid lifting heavy objects or exercising.

Most patients take about two weeks off work to recover from the operation.

We may ask you to wear a supportive garment or bandage for about a week after your surgery.

Results of pectoral implants Tunisia

The results of your pectoral implants will be visible immediately.

Scarring will be minimal and the incision is concealed in the armpit, so it will be virtually undetectable. We will remove the stitches within two weeks of surgery.

Possible complications

Although at El Yosr International Clinic the hygiene and safety conditions are very strict and our plastic surgeons are highly qualified and experienced, each surgery carries (minimal) risks and can potentially lead to rare but possible complications.

Pectoral implant surgery is no exception to this rule, and You may experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort which should go away within three weeks, although the rate of healing varies. from one patient to another.

Our surgeons discuss with the patient during the consultation before surgery the main risks and the methods of their treatment if necessary.

pectoral implants cost Tunisia

The cost of the intervention of pectoral implants depends on the shape and the implants to be used.

The El Yosr Internationale clinic, collaborates with the best agencies specializing in medical tourism in Tunisia, and guarantees foreign patients to have an all-inclusive medical stay in the best conditions and to benefit from a cheap cost for pectoral implants in Tunisia.

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