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Day hospital

With the rise of outpatient surgery, our day hospital has 29 beds dedicated to this type of surgery, as well as digestive explorations and various chemotherapy and other cures.

The day hospital of the El Yosr Internationale clinic in Sousse, Tunisia, receives, after agreement from the attending physician (and the surgeon), patients for examinations, procedures or medical or surgical care and treatment who, thanks to the evolution of surgical procedures and anesthesia techniques, require less than 12 hours of hospitalization.

It is open every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

It includes 1 day block of ISO7 standard, comprising 3 operating theaters, a pre-anesthesia room for 3 patients and a recovery room with 3 workstations.

Day hospital | El Yosr International Clinic
Day hospital | El Yosr International Clinic
Day hospital | El Yosr International Clinic

The stages of admission to the day hospital


Upon registration, at the admissions department, the patient (or his family) presents:

  • A piece of identification; if the patient is a minor, an identity document from the guardian is requested on the understanding that the admission of a minor is pronounced, except in emergency, after agreement of the father, mother, legal guardian or judicial authority. / li>
  • The liaison letter from the attending physician or surgeon, prescriptions for current treatments before hospitalization, blood group card, examination results (laboratory, radio, scanner, MRI, ultrasound, ECG, etc.) and any other medical document related to the arrival of the patient.
  • A payment agreement from the previously requested health insurance fund or the social security cover benefit card and possibly a document attesting to the benefit of additional health insurance.

Since the administrative procedures must be carried out as quickly as possible by the patient or a relative, the patient is taken care of by the care team.

Depending on the case, the patient must arrange for a responsible person to accompany him and pick him up; he must be on an empty stomach at least 6 hours before the exam or procedure and present himself after taking a shower, cleaning and cutting his nails, removing all makeup, jewelry ...

He is required not to bring valuables into the Establishment; the Clinic management can only be held responsible for objects entrusted to it against receipt.


A medical and paramedical team ensures the smooth running of examinations, care and treatment:

  • Before the examination or procedure, the nurse (or caregiver) explains the course of the stay, checks the medical file and prepares the patient according to the rules and according to the necessary premedications.
  • After the examination or procedure, the patient is accompanied to the room and placed in his bed. Relevant staff ensure continuity and oversight of care where appropriate.

According to medical advice, a snack can be served after the act.


The time of discharge is decided on medical advice. In general, it is necessary to respect a few hours before departure. The minor or patient who has undergone anesthesia must be accompanied by a responsible person.

Before leaving, the patient (or his family) must go to the admissions department to:

  • Close your administrative file.
    • Close your administrative file.

      It is returned to the patient:

      • An essential exit form for social security organizations.
      • An invoice detailing the various services.
      • A report of the procedures, examinations or treatments undergone.
  • Pay the invoice.

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