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Presentation of the clinic

The El Yosr International clinic was born from the will of the practitioners who work there. It is a local multidisciplinary private health establishment, located in a residential area whose architectural and urban fabric evokes the passage of the City of Sousse in Tunisia, from a small town to a town with several dimensions, administrative, tourist, industrial. , commercial but above all equipped with very important health and hospital infrastructures.

Clinique El Yosr Internationale Tunisie

The Clinic works with specialist, competent and experienced doctors. It provides them with its reception and hospitalization structures (classic and day hospital), its technical platform and its nursing and paramedical teams.

The management of the Clinic is ensured by anesthetists resuscitators practicing in the field, who are directly in contact with the mission and the needs of the entire establishment. Their quality of intensive care anesthetists guarantees a particular sensitivity to the imperatives of patient safety.

The clinic is linked to the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) by the sectoral agreement for private clinics.


A personalized welcome.

High quality rooms.

A healthcare team at your service throughout your stay.

Coordination of care, multidisciplinary consultation for the most complex pathologies, between specialized professionals who provide you with the best choice of treatment, medical monitoring and paramedical quality.

Continuous improvement in the quality of your care, which, enriched by your opinion, allows us to better meet your needs.

El Yosr International clinic Tunisia
El Yosr International clinic Tunisia
El Yosr International clinic Tunisia


An approach of excellence

The establishment and the entire medical profession make every effort to deliver an irreproachable quality of reception and service, as well as optimal quality and safety in the care we provide to our patients.

Access to innovation

We are committed to providing our patients with the fastest possible access to medical innovations and the latest technological advances.

People at the heart of care

We guarantee care on a human scale, in a completely renovated establishment for the comfort and respect and dignity of our patients.