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Facelift Tunisia : Mini & full facelift

The falling aspect of facial skin that occurs with age, due to lifestyle or genetics, can be corrected by facelift Tunisia and neck lift, which are cosmetic surgeries. that help reduce the signs of aging on the face and neck. These areas, especially around the jaw, are particularly prone to the aging process. Although these changes are gradual, wrinkles and other signs of aging can make people feel older or appear more tired than they actually are.

Facelift Tunisia

What is facelift surgery?

The facelift surgery is the most effective method to reverse the effects of aging in the middle and lower part of the face. A facelift removes excess skin and repositioning fat and muscle, which elevates the cheeks and mid-face, reduces jowls, and provides a sharper, more defined jawline. Today's facial plastic surgery techniques create a long-lasting natural appearance that leaves you looking rejuvenated with better results and less risk than ever before. A facelift is often performed with a neck lift, to complete the effect of renewed youth.

The specialized plastic surgeons of the El Yosr Internationale clinic, perform highly personalized facelifts to achieve naturally beautiful and lasting facial rejuvenation. The intervention may be beneficial for those who present:

  • Sagging, loose skin, muscle and fat in the face and neck.
  • Excess skin and fat on the neck.
  • Pockets of fat drooping around the face.
  • Good general health and non-smoker.
  • Desire for longer term results.
  • Realistic expectations of what can be achieved.

Am I a candidate for facelift surgery?

Facelift plastic surgery is popular for men and women who want a younger and fresher facial appearance, with age the skin loses elasticity causing sagging. A facelift can be performed successfully on patients of almost any age, and results normally last up to 10 years.

While the visible signs of facial aging vary among individuals, depending on their genes and lifestyle, the inevitable general effects are caused by the loss of fat under the facial skin. In young people, the face has prominent fat pads. As we age, the cheeks tend to widen and sag and the jawbone loses its definition, sometimes changing the general features of a person's face.

At Clinique El Yosr Internationale in Sousse, Tunisia, our plastic surgeons believe that a facelift should give you a look of natural refreshment and vitality, rather than a tight, “surgical” look. During the pre-surgical consultations, we will discuss in detail your aesthetic expectations and give you advice on the most likely aesthetic results based on your health, age, skin elasticity and medical history.

A facelift can reduce the visible signs of aging on your face. If you have wrinkles and sagging skin, this procedure can eliminate these problems.

What is the facelift consultation?

During the consultation, your specialist plastic surgeon will go over a variety of questions with you, from your medical history to the results you want to achieve. Be prepared to discuss any medications you are taking, any allergies you have, and any medical procedures you have had in the past.

Your plastic surgeon will perform an assessment of your needs. Based on your history and exam, your best options for facial rejuvenation are determined.

You will also learn what to expect during the recovery process and the possible complications that can arise. Feel free to ask any questions or concerns as you think about it.

During a second consultation, you will learn more about your facelift operation. The specific risks of your case will also be recalled.

What are the different types of facelifts?

Full facelift

The most complete facial rejuvenation is aimed at all areas of the face, from the forehead to the neck. This will provide the most dramatic results, as well as the longest lasting result. Our surgeons recommend this comprehensive approach to patients who want complete facial rejuvenation. This can include brow lift, face lift, eyelid lift, and neck lift, although only the parts of the face you need and desire will be recommended.

Mini Facelift

This is suitable for those who have limited sagging skin. The underlying facial tissue is repositioned to provide a more youthful contour. This is common for women in their 40s or younger, to correct the first signs of aging and reduce the rate at which the lower part of the face ages in the future. It also corrects the early formation of jowls.

Malar lift

The malar linfting, also called centro-facial lifting, it focuses on the middle part of the face. This intervention focuses on the lower eyelids, cheeks and nasolabial area.

Neck lift

This technique reduces excess skin and the bandaged appearance of the neck area. This procedure is also known as "platysmaplasty". In this procedure, the neck muscle is removed, tightened, and / or realigned, helping to tighten the neck area.

The surgery

Our specialized plastic surgeons perform facelift procedures under general anesthesia, usually with an overnight stay at the El Yosr International Clinic in Sousse, Tunisia. Incisions are made behind the hairline and may extend around the head, depending on the extent of the facelift required. During the procedure, the surgeon lifts the excess tissue, muscle and skin to reposition and suture it. The incision is made in front of the ear, inside the ear, and then extends behind the ear through the earlobe. Skin, fat, and muscle are separated, lifted and then folded back into a more youthful-looking position. Finally, care is taken in the suture of the incision. This is done to minimize the scar, making it virtually invisible after the initial healing period.

Our cosmetic plastic surgeons perform the most modern facelift techniques called the “SMAS flap” technique, which involves lifting the underlying muscle and fat pads in the face. This surgery is more extensive than the old "skin lifts" and has the advantage of giving a less "pulled" and more natural appearance with more lasting effects.

Facelift Tunisia

After the surgery

The recovery time will vary depending on the type of facelift you have had. With the many advances in anesthesia over the years, you should experience minimal side effects and pain. Our highly trained anesthesiologists are experienced in modern techniques and are committed to helping you stay comfortable.

You will have bandages around your cheeks and neck. In addition, your cheeks and neck will be wrapped in a bandage that compresses the area. In some cases, a drainage tube will be needed for 1 to 2 days after your operation.

You can expect your face and neck to be swollen, and this can last for a few weeks. Usually, the stitches will resolve in about 7-10 days. Most patients return to work after about 2 weeks and are advised to refrain from strenuous activities for 4 weeks.

The results of my facelift?

You can expect the new look to appear after a few months, once the swelling is gone. Results should start showing after 2 or 3 weeks, and after 3 months to see the expected result. The end result can last up to 10 years and more and will vary from person to person depending on lifestyle factors and your own inherent aging process.

Will my facelift scars be visible?

Your specialist plastic surgeon carefully plans your surgery so that it leaves minimal scarring. The incisions are well hidden in the hairline or in the natural folds of the skin and will also gradually fade over time.

Possible complications

Although at El Yosr International Clinic the hygiene and safety conditions are very strict and our plastic surgeons are highly qualified and experienced, each surgery carries (minimal) risks and can potentially lead to rare but possible complications.

The facelift is no exception to this rule. Our surgeons discuss with the patient during the consultation before surgery the main risks and the methods of their treatment if necessary.

facelift cost Tunisia

The cost of a facelift surgery in Tunisia varies according to the parts of the face to be treated, after studying the case, the surgeon will decide to do one or even all of the facelifts (cervico facial, temporal, frontal and malar)

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