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About the medical teams of the El Yosr International clinic

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Medical teams

The Clinic guarantees the quality, follow-up and continuity of care and ensures the safety of patients in the performance of the various tasks.

All of the Clinic's business sectors are staffed with complementary multidisciplinary teams who are part of a permanent process of improving the quality of care and services. They provide care, nursing and the application of medical prescriptions with the greatest care and within the framework of consultation (in the operating theater, as in day hospital, in intensive care and emergencies, as at the bedside of the patient in his room. ).

Medical teams of El Yosr International clinic Tunisia

The nursing teams at El Yosr clinic

Nursing assistants

  • Ensure the hygiene of instrumentation and equipment, routine maintenance of equipment and premises.
  • Collaborate in preventive and curative care.
  • Manage stocks and supplies.
  • Contribute to the quality of the stay (reception, installation, safety and protection of the patient).

The nurses

  • Provide patient care on medical prescription.
  • Provide specific acts (resuscitation, wake-up monitoring) as well as preventive and educational acts.
  • Are responsible for monitoring patients.
  • Inform, support and supervise the patient's family.
  • Complete nursing records, ensure accuracy and confidentiality of information.

Senior technicians

In anesthesia and resuscitation

  • Greet the patient, reassure him and explain the anesthesia.
  • Monitor the patient under anesthesia or on recovery and provide the required care.
  • Intervene in the treatment of pain.
  • In intensive care, they monitor, treat and support the patient Collaborate in the quality of the stay (reception, installation, safety and protection of the patient).

In radiology

  • Prepare and maintain devices.
  • Prepare patients for the exam.
  • Do standard x-rays.
  • Develop and mark films.

The operating room supervisor

  • Ensures the planning, organization and management of interventions within the operating room as well as the liaison between the administration and the various stakeholders.
  • Coordinates the activities of the block.

The hospitalization supervisor

  • Ensures the planning, organization and management of hospitalizations and nursing care as well as the liaison between the administration, the various stakeholders and the patient.
  • Ensures the well-being, rest, tranquility and safety of hospital patients.
  • Coordinates the activities of the floors.

The day hospital supervisor

  • ensures the planning, organization and management of the various acts as well as the liaison with the administration.
  • coordinates the activities of the day hospital.


  • take care of patients with one or more distresses of their vital organs.
  • provide post-operative follow-up in collaboration with the surgeon and actively fight against post-operative pain.
  • practice both general and locoregional anesthesia techniques.
  • coordinate and lead the paramedical teams.

The pharmacist

  • ensures the supply and storage of pharmaceutical and single-use products.
  • monitors the validity of pharmaceutical and single-use products (expiry date, packaging integrity, monitoring of decisions to withdraw certain products, etc.).

The committee for the fight against nosocomial infections

  • predicts and monitors infections.
  • defines training and information actions.
  • ensures the health and safety of staff.
  • ensures the control and monitoring of environmental and premises hygiene and the sterilization of medical devices.
  • enforces sterilization and circulation procedures in the different units…

The technical director-doctor

  • ensures compliance with the legislative and regulatory provisions in force in the field of health.
  • ensures the quality and continuity of care.
  • organize the work.
  • ensures the proper maintenance and conservation of patient records.
  • organizes the retraining and continuous training of paramedical personnel.