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Everything you need to know about breast reconstruction at the El Yosr International clinic

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Breast reconstruction Tunisia: After breast cancer

Many women who have had breast cancer choose to have breast reconstruction in Tunisia. Although breast reconstruction can be done around the time of mastectomy ("immediate" breast reconstruction), some women choose to delay the decision to focus on restoring their health and have "delayed" breast reconstruction for months or even years after their mastectomy.

breast reconstruction in Tunisia

The timing of breast reconstruction surgery is a personal choice that usually marks the milestone when a woman leaves her illness in the past and enters a new phase of her physical and emotional life.

Reasons for breast reconstruction may include a desire to replace the weight of a missing or reduced breast, especially if there is aches and pains associated with disproportion; to balance the appearance, ensuring symmetry under the clothes; to do without the daily use of a prosthesis, or to regain the appearance of his body, confidence and self-esteem.

Breast reconstruction is a specialized procedure to treat breast asymmetry. As part of breast reconstruction, surgery may be suggested for the opposite breast, such as breast augmentation, mastopexy, or breast reduction, to achieve a symmetrical result. Breast reconstruction surgery and other breast restorative surgeries are regularly performed by specialist plastic surgeons at Clinique El Yosr Internationale in Sousse, Tunisia.

The surgery

The goal of breast reconstruction is to give women a symmetrical and natural appearance when dressed. It is usually not possible to recreate the breast and nipple to look exactly as they did before, but many reconstructions recreate a beautiful breast and good contour.

Specialized plastic surgeons are experts in the various breast reconstruction options, which may involve the use of your own tissues, usually from the abdomen, the use of a breast implant ( Breast augmentation ) or sometimes a combination of both. The goal is to give you a lasting, soft and natural result.

The nature of breast reconstruction surgery depends on the physical needs of the individual woman and the extent of the initial surgery. Simple procedures will require an overnight stay in the clinic, while more complex surgery may require up to 7 days of hospital care.

Breast reconstruction with implants

Breast reconstruction surgeons at Clinique El Yosr Internationale use silicone breast implants that have a lifespan of at least 10 to 15 years. They are available in several sizes, to provide a natural anatomical look that is proportionate to your body.

During your consultation, you will be shown before and after photos of breast reconstruction pictures of our patients with breast implants, to indicate your likely results and to help you make your decision.

Breast reconstruction by tissue grafting

Your surgeon might suggest that your own tissue is used for breast reconstruction. This is where a "tissue flap" of your skin, fat, or muscle is used in surgery to form a new breast.

Known as " tissue flap reconstruction ", the two methods are "free" and "pedicle" flaps. Unlike breast implants, a tissue reconstruction uses your own tissue, so the reconstructed breast will naturally fluctuate in weight, which can be important for some women prone to weight changes. The most common area for this flap of tissue to be removed is the lower abdomen, the same tissue that is removed during a tummy tuck, so a benefit is a flatter abdomen at the same time. Although there is more scarring than in implant reconstruction, the results of tissue reconstruction are generally smoother, more natural and have better longevity. These are, however, much larger operations with a longer recovery time.

The plastic surgeon at El YOsr International clinic will describe the benefits and risks of breast tissue reconstruction to you during the consultation, if the procedure is right for you.

Nipple reconstruction surgery

Reconstruction of the nipple during breast surgery is a woman’s personal choice. The procedure is done by using tissue from the new breast or by taking a skin graft elsewhere on the body. To match the appearance of the other breast, the reconstructed nipple can be tattooed, including the areola area, to give a natural appearance.

After the surgery

The experiences and times of recovery vary greatly depending on the nature of the reconstruction and the health of the individual. Pain relievers and drainage tubes are used to aid in recovery.

If your own tissue was used during reconstruction, there will be two healing zones on the body during recovery, which may extend your recovery. A four to six week break from normal activity is recommended after having breast implants. More time is needed, without heavy lifting for six weeks, if you have had tissue reconstruction.

Patients usually experience tightening of the skin on the abdomen after surgery, such as after a tummy tuck. Your surgeon's treatment plan will include ways to address any abdominal weakness during recovery and will be discussed during regular follow-up visits.

Will there be scars after reconstructive breast surgery?

Yes, there will be permanent scars after breast reconstruction. All scars fade over time, starting in the months following surgery. Their final appearance differs considerably for each patient, due to factors such as the health and elasticity of the skin.

Your specialist plastic surgeon can only try to control the final appearance of scars by minimizing the size of the incisions made during your operation. This expert skill is a common reason women choose a specialist plastic surgeon for breast reconstruction surgery. In some cases, additional cosmetic surgery can reduce the visibility of scars.

You will be shown breast reconstruction before and after photographs of past patients to indicate the scars you can expect at different stages after surgery.

breast reconstruction cost in Tunisia

The cost of breast reconstruction surgery depends on the technique to be adopted.

The El Yosr International clinic, collaborates with the best agencies specializing in medical tourism in Tunisia, and guarantees foreign patients to have an all-inclusive medical stay in the best conditions and to benefit from a cheap Tunisia breast reconstruction cost .

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