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About the administrative teams of El Yosr International clinic

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Administrative teams

Beyond the areas directly related to their care, patients are supervised by administrative staff who ensure the proper organization of their reception and the services offered to them at each stage of their care and by a hotel and technical team. which aims to provide them comfort, hygiene and safety.

Administrative teams of El Yosr International clinic Tunisia

The administrative teams of El Yosr Internationale clinic

The reception / admission / billing team

  • receives, informs, directs and directs the patient and his family.
  • takes care of the admission of the patient.
  • manages its administrative file and ensures its follow-up with the health insurance fund, the complementary mutual, or the town hall for declarations of birth and death.
  • prepares the invoices.
  • collect the fees due.

The hotel team

  • divides the rooms.
  • ensures the patient's rest, peace and comfort.
  • ensures the maintenance, bio-cleaning and disinfection of the premises.
  • distributes meals in coordination with the healthcare team.
  • controls the laundry circuit.

The logistics and technical team

  • ensures that technical and biotechnical installations are maintained in good condition and in good working order and ensure their safety.
  • provides technical maintenance and upkeep of premises and equipment.
  • provides transport for the sick.