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About the Radiology unit of El Yosr International clinic

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Radiology in Sousse Tunisie

The clinic has a state-of-the-art technical platform with:

  • A latest generation 64-bar scanner allowing all classic diagnostic imaging to be performed, as well as vascular and cardiac exploration.
    This scanner is of great help in the diagnosis, management and control of oncological pathology.
  • Interventional radiology room equipped with a surgical arch with a high-performance flat sensor allowing the performance of various percutaneous, endovascular and other procedures in a dedicated environment and meeting safety standards.
  • A bone-lung table with flat panel sensor for all conventional x-rays.
  • 2 latest generation ultrasound machines, one of which can be transported upstairs.
Radiology unit | El Yosr International Clinic
Radiology unit | El Yosr International Clinic
Radiology unit | El Yosr International Clinic

Characteristic of the imaging center

This radiology unit is entirely digital (paperless) falling within the framework of the general policy of the clinic in terms of digitization with the computerized medical file and its advantages in traceability, transparency and protection of individual patient data.

It is a center of diagnostic and interventional imaging of excellence managed by a team of experienced radiologists.

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