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Otoplasty Tunisia : protruding ears surgery

Otoplasty refers to plastic surgery performed to correct protruding ears as well as other ear-related deformities, reshaping the folds of the ear and bringing the ears permanently closer to the head , in a natural and subtle way. The goal of otoplasty in Tunisia is to create a very natural, "non-operated" appearance of the ears.

In most cases, patients with protruding ears have two specific characteristics. First, the angle of the ear to the skull is greater than normal, and second, the edge of the ear does not have the normal curved shape.

Otoplasty Tunisia

Why an otoplasty?

Many patients with protruding ears worry about the appearance of their ears since childhood, and indeed, this corrective surgery is often performed on children before they enter high school, after the ears are fully developed. Doing an otoplasty in childhood can avoid years of taunting the schoolyard, and as an adult, you can style your hair short or pull your hair back, which has often been avoided. / p>

How can otoplasty help me?

The otoplasty puts the ears back in a more balanced position and in harmony with your face. Usually, patients choose this surgery when they feel that the distance between the ear and the head is abnormal. The benefits for you include:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • New freedom in the choice of haircuts
  • Very safe intervention with little risk involved

The surgery

The otoplasty intervention at the El Yosr Internationale clinic in Sousse, Tunisia is a day surgery, usually performed under general anesthesia and lasts 1 hour 30 minutes maximum. The particular surgical technique recommended by your specialist plastic surgeon will depend on the specific factors associated with your ears. In most cases, otoplasty involves a small incision behind the ear through which the cartilage is accessed and changed. Various methods can be used to reshape the cartilage depending on the needs of the patients. Internal sutures are often used.

Cosmetic surgery for the protruding ear involves making a small incision behind the ear at the fold of the skin against the head. Thanks to this access, the cartilage is reshaped and repositioned in a more natural position.

In some cases, when correcting "protruding ears" or "big ears", a small amount of cartilage is removed from the ear bolus, which is known as "conchalous fossa reduction. ". This maneuver moves the whole ear so that it comes closer to the head.

Our cosmetic plastic surgeon takes care to create a smooth crease on the ear, rather than a neat crease that flattens it on the side of the head. The right degree of correction for a natural result of your ear surgery is determined during the consultation with your surgeon.

Do I need to be hospitalized for an otoplasty?

Otoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia. It is an outpatient surgery and lasts a maximum of 1.5 hours, which means you can go home the same day. All surgeries at the El Yosr International Clinic are performed in fully accredited facilities ensuring your safety.

After the surgery

Advances in anesthesia over the past few years mean that you should have minimal side effects and pain. Our highly qualified anesthetists are experienced in modern techniques and are dedicated to your comfort.

A local anesthetic injected after you are asleep continues to keep the ears pain-free for several hours after your cosmetic surgery. A head bandage like a turban is worn for about a week after otoplasty. Any (minimal) pain after protruding ear surgery is usually treated with simple pain relievers.

The swelling and bruising are normal after an otoplasty and will go away in a few weeks. You will be advised to wear a wide headband over your ears while you sleep, to protect your ears.

Strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least 3 weeks after otoplasty.

Other than these drawbacks, recovery is usually very painless and complications are rare.

The Results of my rhinoplasty

Once the bandages are removed, you will see immediate results, but full results are usually visible after 6 weeks, once the swelling and bruising is gone.

When can I resume daily activities?

Most patients return to work a few days after surgery. Normal activities can usually be resumed after a week. Strenuous activities and exercise should be avoided for at least 3 weeks.

Possible complications

Although at El Yosr International Clinic the hygiene and safety conditions are very strict and our plastic surgeons are highly qualified and experience, each surgery carries (minimal) risks and can potentially lead to rare but possible complications.

The otoplasty is no exception to this rule. Our surgeons discuss with the patient during the consultation before surgery the main risks and the methods of their treatment if necessary.

otoplasty cost in tunisia

The cost of an otoplasty or protruding ear surgery in Tunisia varies according to the difficulty of the procedure and the choice of anesthesia

The El Yosr International clinic, collaborates with the best agencies specializing in medical tourism in Tunisia, and guarantees foreign patients to have an all-inclusive medical stay in the best conditions and to benefit from a cheap Tunisia otoplasty cost.

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