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Costs of care and hospitalization

The patient must pay the regulations.

  • various hospital costs and fees not covered by the social security body and possibly mutual or complementary health insurance.
  • various supplements or extras (mineral water, television, meals served to the accompanying person, etc.) caused by the hospitalization of the patient and possibly the accompaniment of a loved one.
  • It is understood that the deposit is deducted from the amount to be paid upon departure.

    The costs are made available to the patient and his family and displayed at the reception. Payment is made by check or credit card or in cash.


    Case of the patient affiliated to the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM)

    The costs borne by the CNAM.

    • are indicated in the care decision.
    • as for the acts or services performed before and after hospitalization, they may be covered by the CNAM in accordance with the regulations in force; they are processed in a separate folder.

    payable by the patient, or mutual, or insurance

    The costs that remain the responsibility of the patient or a mutual or complementary health insurance.

    • any personal expenses (supplements or extras) for personal comfort and support.
    • medical fees overruns.

    Case of the patient not affiliated to health insurance

    A patient who cannot prove his health insurance rights is required, on departure, to pay all the costs of his hospitalization.