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About the Resuscitation and intensive care unit of El Yosr International clinic

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Resuscitation and intensive care unit

One of the strengths of our structure is the resuscitation and intensive care unit. It is made up of 8 well-insulated individual boxes, equipped with the most advanced surveillance, monitoring and assistance means.

Resuscitation unit | El Yosr international clinic
Resuscitation unit | El Yosr international clinic
Resuscitation unit | El Yosr international clinic

The resuscitation unit of the El Yosr International Clinic in Sousse in Tunisia, aims to provide treatment for serious diseases, especially infectious diseases, and complications associated with major surgical interventions.

the resuscitation service aims to take care of adult patients whose one or more vital functions are threatened in the short term (failure of the heart, lung, liver, kidneys, brain), coming from the operating room, the wards hospital, emergency, or home medical and surgical care.

Resuscitation treatment consists of treatment of the causal pathology associated with replacement of the failing organs (vascular filling, catecholamines, mechanical ventilation, dialysis, extracorporeal circulation, transfusion of blood derivatives). This versatile work combines both technical expertise and in-depth medical and scientific knowledge. The intensity and severity of the pathologies therefore require a continuous medical presence.

Beyond the affection itself, the role of the resuscitator is to place the patient at the center of intensive care, with the main objective of comfort, dignity and respect for the person. Transparent daily information on the patient's state of health (or his trusted person) is given, early rehabilitation is promoted, and pain management is a priority. In order to facilitate family and loved ones support, the service is required to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.