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All about the Otorhinolaryngology surgery at El Yosr International clinic

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Otorhinolaryngology surgery Tunisia : ENT Surgery

The Otorhinolaryngology Surgery service of El Yosr International clinic in Sousse in Tunisia offers its patients personalized, human, innovative and quality care.

Our establishment has a technical platform for performing ENT sugery and cervico-facial surgeries for adults and children.

Otorhinolaryngology surgery Tunisia

Our clinic has all the necessary equipment for the practice of ENT surgeries, such as vocal cord surgery, sinuses, snoring, video-assisted surgery (sinus surgery) or surgery under neuro-detector control (thyroid or parotid surgery).

The team of ENT practitioners at the El Yosr International clinic can respond to the many pathologies in this specialty and ensure continuity of care.

This ENT surgery is developing more and more with short hospitalizations, on an outpatient basis or, if necessary, in classic hospitalization over several days.

The surgeries performed

  • Nose, sinus and nasal cavity surgery;
  • Surgery for cancer of the face and neck;
  • Surgery for deafness and chronic ear infections;
  • Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery of the face;
  • Endocrine surgery including thyroid and parathyroid;
  • Pediatric surgery (tonsils, adenoids, yoyos, etc.);
  • Surgery of the salivary glands (parotid and submandibular);