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All about the Chirurgie Générale, Viscerale et Digestive at El Yosr International clinic

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General, Visceral and Digestive Surgery Tunisia

The general, visceral and digestive surgery department of El Yosr Internationale clinic in Sousse, Tunisia offers its patients personalized, human, innovative and quality care.

General, visceral and digestive surgery is a particular branch of surgery. She is interested in the surgical management of disorders of the digestive tract, viscera and certain endocrine glands. Its scope of intervention therefore covers the digestive organs.

General, Visceral and Digestive Surgery Tunisia

Main interventions of general surgery

The following procedures are performed routinely at the El yosr International Clinic, whether conventional or laparoscopic:

  • Removal of the appendix or gallbladder.
  • Hernia surgery.
  • other parietal surgery (eventration, umbilical hernias, Spigel's hernias, etc.)
  • Treatment of gastric or duodenal ulcers.
  • Treatment of digestive cancers.
  • Cure cracks, anal fistulas or hemorrhoids.
  • abdominal emergencies
  • Bariatric surgery and treatment of obesity